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Rental Management Services

Professional rental management services can relieve property owners of the day-to-day responsibility of dealing with tenants, monitoring  lessees, arranging and overseeing repairs and improvements, evaluating the property for retention or sale, and all of the associated record keeping.

Additionally, professional rental management services can centralize the management and record keeping for properties where ownership is divided among several parties or where a single owner has multiple properties.

We currently provide management services for a wide range of properties, including single family homes, small 1, 2, 3, or 4 unit apartment buildings, large multi-unit apartment buildings, and commercial buildings.

But, regardless of the property, we work with each owner to try tailor our management services  according to the criteria they choose, provided they are lawful and consistent with our professional standards of ethics and responsibility.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Services

Management of rental of property:  We coordinate appropriate advertising and showing of properties.  We obtain applications, verify credit, rental history, and other reference information, and conduct personal interviews with prospective tenants to determine the their eligibility to lease a property.

Negotiate leases:  Using proprietary leases, developed through years of experience, which can be modified for special situations, we negotiate terms and conditions for renting residential properties.  For commercial properties, leases are individually drafted to fit the unique circumstances of the tenant and the property.  All residential and commercial leases are negotiated by our experienced rental managers to reflect current market rates and trends.

Collect rent and follow up on delinquencies:  Rent collections are immediately posted to utilize maximum cash management.  Follow-up notices and other action is taken, as necessary, to collect any overdue rents.

Tenant complaints and requests:  Complaints are answered and resolved as expeditiously as possible.   Emergency call coverage is provided after regular business hours, weekends, and holidays.

Pay bills, insurance premiums, taxes and other expenses:  With a sufficient reserve established, expenses can be paid, including utilities, fire service fees, insurance premiums, mortgage payments and real estate taxes.  B&O tax returns can be prepared and filed with along with any tax due. Insurance coverage can be updated as necessary.

Distribute income: Income can be distributed monthly either directly to the owners with their monthly statement or to a designated account. In the case of multiple owners, income can be allocated according to prior arrangements.

Inspect property and make repairs: Properties are periodically inspected and, in the event repairs are needed, estimates for the work can be obtained.  We can monitor repairs for completion and pay for them from your rent proceeds, your reserve account funds, or you can pay the contractors directly.

Review holdings: Properties are analyzed periodically to determine if the investment return justifies retention, taking into account income, debt owed and the likelihood that the property will increase in value.  We can make recommendations to the owner if any changes are warranted.  If recommendations involving improvements are accepted, we obtain estimates, hire the contractors and oversee the remodeling by conducting physical inspections to ensure that progress is being made as agreed.

Buy or sell property:  As a real estate brokerage, we can handle all the details of buying or selling a property.  As a licensed real estate appraiser, Tom Michels can evaluate properties, or review third party appraisals, to help you arrive at a fair market value.  We can assist investors in locating and purchasing additional properties, or liquidating their existing properties, if desired.

Keep detailed records: We maintain a detailed record of all income and expenses (including repairs, taxes and fees) and provide owner with a detailed monthly statement.

With this full array of services, Colonial Property Management, Inc. enables  property owners to enjoy the benefits of real estate investment, while leaving the headaches and time consuming responsibilities to our knowledgeable professional staff.

Real Estate and Rental Management Qualifications

You, your associates and/or your beneficiaries will benefit from the time tested expertise of our staff.  Our qualifications include:

  • Over 10 years of experience in professional rental management
  • Licensed real estate brokers and sales persons
  • Members of the local, state and national Boards of Realtors
  • Members of the Kanawha Valley Multiple Listing Service
  • Member of the Society of Real Estate Appraisers

Utilize Our Experience

Take advantage of the experienced management skills and the professional, objective advice only available through Colonial Property Management, Inc.

For an inspection of your property, a management proposal, or more information, please give us a call today!